pros and cons list to stay on

Pretjah -
Altofsky - Now, this could go either way...

But Im pregnant and its yours. Phone Post 3.0

as long as you are giving birth to a healthy damascus steel blade i'll gladly take custody
Seems as though he has issues with who he really is and is self image he must have some confidence issues. Probably out of shape and mad at the world. Why you so angry bro!? Phone Post 3.0

Didnt know I quoted anyone Phone Post 3.0

oh and just to clarify


I am not planning on leaving....i just thought it'd be interesting to see what other people think are pros and cons



i chose to list personal ones on my list.


so thanks for the vote downs

Pretjah - lets make a pros and cons list to staying on

Cons -
blue name has expired
a few people have a major issue with me
i have a minor issue with a few people
i waste way too much work time on here

Pros -
i've met some people on here that i truly adore as friends
i've learned a lot and the site has actually helped me grow as a person
i get to waste alot of time on here while at work
tons of laughs can be had while readin the forums

please add some more
Angry just plain too angry. You should get some serious help lady. Phone Post 3.0