Pros/Cons Vulkan ultra light gi?

Thinking about getting a lighter gi for the summer. Can anyone provide any pros/cons to the Vulkan Ultra Light Summer gi (white)?


It is very hard to size correctly. It is "shrink to fit". I was told it will shrink approximately 1 size. I'm an A3 normally, so I ordered the A4. Well, it turns out their sizes are normally 1 size too big. So their A3 is comes huge, maybe even the size of a normal A5.

I washed mine in hot water and tumble dried it maybe 25 times. It has seemed to stop shrinking, and is still a little too big. If you are going to buy one, buy the size you always wear and it should shrink to the size you like. Once it is at the size you like, wash in cold water and air dry.

If your club is hot and humid during the summer time, this gi is really nice to have.

the sizing is fairly std, their a3 is larger than the atama a3. the vulkan a2 is closer to the atama a3 size, which would fit a guy 180cm and 80kg just right (if they r in shape)

u definitely sacrifice durability for lightness. the pants r the first to go, ripping easily, and the jacket lasts about 1 year of 3x week training (washing after each session)

it has a rubber collar, so dont tumble dry hot, warm maybe.

all in all, a good gi at a nice price

I have one of these and I REALLY like it

Pro's very light , very sturdy.

Conns: Shrinks in the was quite a bit

Great, thanks guys.