Pros Dumb To Fight w/ Kimbo Rules

Any pro who is willing to fight Kimbo using Kimbo's rules needs to have his head examined. It's not that he will lose, it's that he can break his hand on Kimbo's dome.

Why put your career at risk? Kimbo has hard hands, and although he is strong, he doesn't KO his opponents cold. Except for the last guy, and even that took a suckerpunch to accomplish. (suckerpunch in that the guy turned his back and didn't see it coming, not saying it was illegal)

If Kimbo had big power, world class boxing power, his hands would probably be shot by now.

Any pro willing to chance injuring himself and putting his career at risk needs to rethink the glory of the KTFO of Kimbo.

Let Kimbo come to THEM if he's so tough, imo.


There comes a time when you need to say....

"Hey, I'm above that crap"

And IMO, Paul is definately ABOVE it all.

If it were me and I was going to go thru with it....

I would call a "LIMIT" to how many "boyz" they could have with them and insist that all involved (on both sides) be searched!!!!!!

What they gonna show up with this time?

Group of 30 or 40?????

No way they can fit'em all in those two Hummers.

They gone hafta get'em a BUS.

I don't think Kimbo's team would mind if his opponent wore gloves, as long as Kimbo doesn't have to.

Anyway, Igor Vov hit pretty hard (I've read) and had plenty of bareknuckle fights without breaking his hands.

kimbo = most talked about fighter on the ug

most talked about fighter on the ug = all haters OWNED

Don't steal my post. ^

Didn't we already see Gannon school this guy

I like watching the Kimbo fights and all, but he is getting way too much run in this forum. The guy looked indestructible in the video clips I saw. But then he went up against Sean Gannon and was brought back down to Earth. Gannon fought in the UFC afterward and got schooled by a non-descript Brandon Lee Hinkle.

That should have been the end of the story.

I like Kimbo's 'rules' that he will break at will.

I see NO upside to any pro fighting Kimbo. Kimbo's really got nothing to lose.  10k? Thats a tiny tiny price to pay if he were to actually catch someone and get a win. Anyone with a name like Kimbo has and inet fame could really blow up with a fluke win over PB or a legit heavyweight. 

If I were Kimbo's people, I'd be drooling to take a fight like that.   1 million +internet views, a sponsor could put the money up and so on.  Hell, I'd pay  money to have a URL painteed on the pavement where one would lay at vid end, trunks, etc.  Millions would view the vid.  Suprised no one has tried to capitalize/expolit  this for any kind of real money.  I may have to get my thinking cap on and make a quick 6 figs on these ghetto bouts.  Just like the Sopranos............ Joe Square is facinated by this gangland stuff.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.



The thing is, most MMA guys are so attention starved they would fuk up their futures for the attention.

The best fighters in the biz realize that fighting is a biz and treat it as one.  No one cares if you are the champ or were the champ in MMA.  Arlovski couldnt get a free burger in 99% of the McDonalds coast to coast without his $1.99.  

But, I'm an Ex  MMA  champ.....  

Too bad  gunsmoke, pay the $2 or get outa my store.

The upside would be becoming an internet legend, right up there with starwars boy! (well ok not that high up there).

On the original post, i doubt Kimbo would object to his opponent taping up and putting on gloves.

Did that guy who claimed with no supporting statements that Kimbo is amped up on drugs for his fight actually have any evidence? Or is this just an idle claim.

i think he would.

gloves = added KO power.
kimbo's cousin is a pro boxer. kimbo knows what gloves do. i'm pretty sure he'd object to somebody else bringing what amounts to a weapon into his ring.

^^^True, he also knows it'll protect thier hands from braking on his cement head.