Pros Picks for DC vs. Rumble 2

We rounded up 21 pro picks for Cormier vs. Rumble Part 2

11 picked DC

8 picked Rumble

2 undecided (including Jimi Manuwa)


Jimi Manuwa (UFC Light Heavyweight): “I get asked this question a lot and to me it’s a 50/50 fight. It’s very hard to call because I know Rumble knows what happened last time and I know he’s worked on that. I know him and his team have worked on his cardio and his wrestling takedown defense. And if he connects with DC on a couple of good punches everyone knows how hard he can hit. So it’s a matter of who plays their gameplan better in this fight. Undecided Vote

Patrick Cote (UFC Welterweight) : “I think this time Johnson is going to get it. I think he learned a lot from his last fight against DC and you know what, I always say the same thing. I’m not scared of anyone on my feet in any weight class except one guy. That’s Anthony Johnson. You don’t want to get hit by him.” Vote for Johnson

Sounds like Jimi picked Johnson.

i got banned -

Sounds like Jimi picked Johnson.

He said 50/50 but I do agree that his words might lean a bit more towards to Rumble.

Also, just added picks from Jon Jones, Kenny Florian and Bisping.

Jon Jones (UFC Light Heavyweight): “Do I think he [Johnson] beats DC? I think he has a very strong chance to do it, a puncher’s chance. But if I were to bet, I’d put my money on Daniel Cormier just because the last performance and it boils right down to what I was saying, you have to have the total package to be at a certain level of the sport and DC is closer to that level of having that complete game.

So I think Anthony has a chance, but if I had to bet, I would definitely go with Cormier.”  Vote for Cormier