Pro's you've trained with?

i saw this thread on sheredog...thought i would kinda transfer it over here. what pro's in either boxing mma or kickboxing have you trained with?

ive trained with: david adiv (royler gracie blackbelt),royler gracie, rich franklin on multiple occasions, tito ortiz, frank shamrock, randy couture, shawn tompkins, peter welch, and peter manfredo jr.

mostly just jenna vidoes

Worked out with Charlie Kohler, Rick Slaton, Joe Duarte, Pat Speight.

Daniel Gracie, Henry Matamoras, Eric "red" Schafer, Sammy Morgan, Tommy Speer, Kelly Kobald, Travis Wiuff, Paul Gorgieoff, and I guess thats it.

Pro's trained with just once or regularly?

I'd list them all, but then people would hate on me and call me name dropper.

I will say that being at a higher profile gym like Fairtex and others (AKA, Cesar's, Couture's etc..etc..) means that along with regular high profile pros at your gym, many others stop by regularly as well.

What FearMir is trying to say is he is the reason why Anderson Silva is the champ! He just isn't one for bragging!

Trained at MFS in 98-99. Lot of pros man

Rampage (Rolled with him the other day), Tito, Bas Rutten

LOL...Not just me..First God, then his natural talent and then Me!

no one you have heard of................................yet-MM

Oh yeah, Ludacris for five months, son

Marco Ruas, yeah I'm old school.

Name dropers. These threads are useless without the details.

Sherk, The Goat, Nat McIntyre, Kaitlin Young. Seminar w/ Jongsanan Fairtex, also Pedro Sauer.

I've only sparred w/ Sherk and The Goat a few times.

Kaitlin is more of a friend. Her and her boyfriend come over to watch the UFC's. Can't wait to see her fight on CBS!

robbie lawler, spencer fisher, josh neer, noah inhofer, jens pulver. made a quick stop at MFS while on tour.

"trained with" gives the connotation that the pro would be benefitting by training with me somehow. more like, 'i've taken classes from...'

"Soca", Sperry, Drago, Baroni, Linland, Davey Taurovecious, Panza, "Gordo", Braulio Estima, George Sotiropolous, D'arce, Eric Harding

Wow, the biggest name dropper thread possible, congratulations

Just sparred with Gilbert Yvel. I know my stand-up wasn't good enough to win the K-1 GP or anything but I thought it was good enough so I could hold my own with k-1 level guys. Boy was I wrong. Those guys are at another level. Gilbert made me feel like an infant. Picked up lots of cool tricks though.

perfect thread to brag about who ive trained with, thanks