Prosperity Gospel Article

Interesting article on the growing wealth and Christianity movement.

Hat's off to Rick Warren....





I guess the apostles and jesus himself failed to accomplish true christian living. read hebrews 11 and find one rich prosperous man. I hate these peoples views.

Very sad. The Word of Faith or Prosperity gospel has disastrous implications and, in fact, reduces Jesus Christ to a means to an end -- when in fact he is the end. If the New Age Movement is the greatest threat to the church from without, this group may well be it's greatest threat from within.

TBN is mostly, not entirely, made up of this group. Thankfully there are many critics against this false gospel and these false teachers.

I agree I don't like prosperity preachers either.

I don't think we should make poverty or wealth in and
of themselves bad or good things. Being either
doesn't automatically make one a good or bad person.

I don't think people should chase wealth or be satisfied with poverty. I think people should have a sense of both contentment and stewardship (along with
thankfulness) concerning their material possesion. They should be content and happy with what they have and be good stewards of it, meaning take good care of it.

It not like anything we have will last forever. Furthermore life is more than the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and the house we live in.

Paul warned Timothy about this type of thinking. He warn him about people who believe wealth or material gain is a sign of godliness.

Doing good and being content or happy with what you have is the true gain (1 Tim 6:5-10).