Protech Mouthguards = CROOKS!!!

I have to warn my fellow fighters of the nightmare I've had dealing with Protech Custom Mouthguards.

When I ordered my guard 10 WEEKS ago I was told it would be a 3 - 4 week turn around time from my date of purchase until I recieved my guard.

At week four I was told my guard was almost done and would be shipped that week. By week six the guard never arrived and my e-mails stopped being answered.

After threatening Protech with filing a claim against them with PayPal, suddenly the boss e-mailed me back telling me that he would take care of things. Since then I've been told two more times that my guard was being finished and sent, but each time it never arrived and Protech wasn't able to send me shipping tracking numbers.

After 10 weeks it's clear that Protech has no intention of sending me my guard and has just taken my money ($167.00 CDN).

This goes beyond incompetent business... this is straight up criminal. This situation will now be handled by my Credit Card company.


Gladiator is the way to go

I to have had similar problems with them Ill tt for later when I have more time to explain


One of my fighters ordered a guard from Gladiator three weeks after I ordered from Protech and recieved their custom guard a month ago. He laughs at me everytime I check my e-mail for some sort of update from Protech.


Ya it was $140 US. I bought the most expensive mouthguard I could find, and got totally burned. :(

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Damn, the very LEAST they could do is just refund your money. TTT for bad business!

Thanks Tbidness. I've actually been really lucky ordering on-line, but Protech proved to me that you still have to look out for scammers.

ive got 3 from Opro.

very fast. very good.

There seems to be a new thread every month on how protech is ripping people off. They need to get it together.

It's a very common story for Protech to take forever.  It's really bad.  Gladiator is the way to go.


Who's opro? I wouldn't mind getting a list going of company's that actually do what they've been paid for.

From: David Lea

+Canada MMA Gear/ Team Toshido, Owner

Date: 05/03/07 04:30 PM

Call me 1-877-848-2737 Ill help you out.

if  the toll free wo'nt work try 215-221-6500

This is in no was a excuse for protech but when/if (dont know what they are up to) you get your mouthguard you will know why they take so long. Show it to your friend with the gladiator and compare them. Protech is absolutely THE BEST. That said gladiator is also awsome. Both give you your money's worth and more.

What is NOT debatalble is that everyone should be wearing custom guards by now.

Definitely file the claim with PayPal!!

And our whole camp has gone with O-Pro or Gladiator and total time is less than 2 weeks.

Opro rule

Yeah I have a gladiator.I was treated great from start to finish.Also the mouthguard was awesome.I was in shock at how good it was.Custom makes the boil and bites look like the dark ages.

I have an Opro and a Gladiator.  The gladiator fits better.  I still use the Opro when I do cardio and mitts for breathing and stuff, but for getting hit in the head hard I use my Gladiator. 

Rodolfo Gamez,

If I was told in the beginning that the Protech guard would take 3 months to be finished I would have gladly waited because I was getting customizations done that only Protech offers, however, I was told 4 weeks max, and then I've been lied to ever since.