protech mouthguards

anybody know what happened to protech? they've seemed to kind of vanish

Tom screwed a bunch of people out of their money, made no guards, and has vanished and stopped accepting calls. 

yea he still owes me money or a guard. i'm happy with my gladiator though. are fighters really the right ones u wanna screw over??? haha

Man that sucks. I have seen like 100 post from different people saying they got took.

He was on again/off again for awhile, then finally disappeared for good - pretty lame that he didn't make things right with his customers!

Absolutely NO EXCUSE for bad customer service, no excuse for ripping people off. Every customer I have gets what they order, period. If I can go over and beyond, fuck I'll gladly do it. If there is ever an issue, I'm happy to fix it.

Glad I saw this thread, I need to get a new mouthguard

gladiator is the way to go. i love mine

TTT for Icedog and Gladiator Mouthguards


Yeah, it looks like Protech closed shop. Website's down. Hasn't logged into MySpace since August, and supposedly PayPal closed/suspended his account.

On a positive note, someone on Sherdog claims to have gotten a guard recently that he ordered back in June. I'm starting to believe he's trolling or something, since noone else has said anything about getting guards.