protecting beams from ring straps

I got enthusiastic about training/playing with rings after reading some of the threads here, and looking at the Dominic Lacasse gymnastics videos that have been posted here before.

I went out and got some of the six-inch Nylabone dog rings from Petsmart, followed by tie-down straps from Target. The rings are okay, but too small and narrow. I'm going to wrap a bunch of thick tennis racquet grip tape around them tomorrow to see if that helps.

The beams in my living room are perfect for hanging the straps. However, the beams are painted. What's the easiest solution for keeping the straps from rubbbing off the paint or making indentations in the beams?

The solution should

1) be easy to build. I have ZERO home repair/carpentry experience.

2) protect the beam from indentation or paint rubbing off.

3) protect the straps from corners, so they don't get frayed.

4) be adjustable, so I can move the straps to any width. This is why I don't want to just drill hooks in the beam.

5) be removable.

Here's my brainstorming so far:

I could get three short lengths of board and make a wooden sleeve to go around the beam, but I want to avoid that much building if possible.

Some sort of plastic sheeting might work, but I'm worried it wouldn't distribute the weight of the straps enough.

A semi-circle of PVC pipe Superglued to a base of wood might work. That would really distribute the load along the strap. It would have to have a diameter greater than the beam. I could clamp the contraption on to the beam to keep it from falling on my noggin. Or maybe just glue two runners along the base that fit around the beam and held the base in place.

Thanks for your help.

My friend just bought several of the Dominic Lacasse videos, can't wait to see them.