Protein Shake (Weight Gain)

I've gained 10 solid pounds since July. This, for me, is almost a miracle after weighing about 190 lbs. for 20+ years. I'm sure that it is the protein shakes I'm drinking, so I thought I would share this with anyone wanting to gain a little weight.

My shake (I drink one per day) consists of a big glass of milk with 2 scoops of Perfect Low Carb Isopure Protein (chocolate) and 1 scoop of Mega-Pro Carbo Hit (100% Pure Complex Carbohydrates). I'm not sure why the protein is low carb, but all I know is this combo works for me. The trainer that recommended this shake said I should drink 2 per day, but I've only been drinking one. Again, I just thought I would share.


Lemme guess, Bubba was too much for ya, so you had to beef up a bit? ;)

Well, yes, I am getting tired of Bubba kicking my ass.

The calories are listed per serving:

Isopure Protein - 210 calories

Carbo Hit - 224 calories

Also, it didn't give me the shits. I thought it might, so that's why I started out with one per day instead of two. I also thought I might get tired of it if I drank two. One seems to work great for me.

464 extra calories a day i would hope you'd gain weight!

Yep, you're right. I just found the fine print. Two scoops is one serving. I was reading the part about the sample packet. The sample packet is about one scoop, so I assumed THAT was one serving.

Total calories: 210 + 224 + plus the milk (1 cup is 150 calories, and I use 2 to 2 1/2 cups).

P.S. I edited that in the earlier post.

Sometimes I'll add a table spoon or 2 of olive oil to a shake to add some cals. Puts on weight quick and if you're training a lot the quality of the weight stays solid.


so its almost 1000 extra calories!

if your eating the exact same diet as before thats like 1/3rd more calories added!

Yes, I'll be a big fat slob before you know it (kidding). I'm training very hard, and this is great for me. I never eat much breakfast during the week, so I drink it in the morning with my poptart. Mmmmmm.

I should also mention that my instructions were to drink each shake after a workout. Well, obviously I don't follow instructions very well unless you consider a morning quickie a workout. :-P

Or you could go with the GNC 1800 weight gainer.
It has 500 calories per scoop, before milk. (about 700 afterwards)
One big container would have 27 scoops in it, and right now (with 25% off they have going) is about 32 dollars for it. If you have a gold card, it's 20 percent less the first week.

That's the best buy Ive seen in a store.

You gained weight cause the calories not the shake. If you ate like a mo fo without the shakes for the same amount of time you would have gained weight also.

I eat like a mofo except for breakfast. The shake takes just a few minutes to drink, and it works great for me. I've always liked to run (jog), so I've never been able to gain weight. Now I can run AND gain weight. I'm lovin' it.

And, yes, it's the calories IN the shake that are doing it. It gets me to drink more milk, too.

Add a shake or other carb calories late at night and you'll gain even more weight.

It's not just what you eat but when that affects weight gain/loss.

ttt for skinny guys like me. :-)

Ice cream after dinner, and before sleep, every night, for skinny guys like BM.

I do love ice cream. :-)

Da shooter is all comes down to calories in vs. calories out. If you wanna gain weight just consume more calories than you burn, or vice versa for cutting. That simple. :)



It is NOT "that simple."

Timing carbohydrates early in the day will prevent a person from gorging on them late at night - especially a fat person, who already probably has a habit of eating starches & sugars late at night (which is likely the reason they have stored tons of fat).

If you aren't storing fat overnight, you are going to be much more able to lose fat overall.

I've been a fatty most of the last decade, but have lost 40 lbs with modest strength (i.e. lean mass) loss, in about 6 months. Key is, I now eat a diet I can sustain the rest of my life, without starving myself of carbs (and having the massive carb cravings you get when you come off a low carb diet, which is not practical for athletics in the first place).

The problem of weight loss isn't as simple as just counting calories (or "self-discipline"), and it never will be, especially not for people who are more than 30 lbs overweight. Weight loss is a problem of proper nutrition and eating habits, not really "calorie counting," because proper nutrition and eating habits will take care of the calorie issue on their own.

It's easy to confuse bad eating habits, which are a kind of self-perpetuating cycle because they throw the body (and mind) out of whack, with a lack of self-discipline.

Weight loss may ultimately come down to calories in/out, but being able to keep or sustain a diet and a caloric intake level doesn't. And it never will.

Also, there is the question of metabolism, and the way that simply reducing caloric intake tends to slow the metabolism.

That's another area where eating habits can be very carefully formed to fool the body into NOT slowing down when reducing calories overall.

One way to do that is to stagger caloric intake.

But this is a weight gain thread, so I will spare you all that rant.