Protein when not bulking

This week I am starting my off-season lifting regiment. If I have no intention on bulking would taking proein shakes (after workout or before bed) make me gain weight, or just assist muscle recovery?

Should I just stick to food, or would anyone here reccomend post work out protein shakes?



Definitely drink protein after your workouts, and I'd say do the same before bed as well.

Excess calories make you gain weight, not protein shakes.

Great, thanks, I probably would follow your advice but money is short in my house, and I don't know if my mom would want to have to spend twice as much on it, let alone drive to the mall that often to get it.

Say I can't get to having one untill about 1 1/2 -2hrs after my workout, should I then just take it before I go to bed?

Also if I decide to run after lifting, should I take my protein shake after running, or in between lifting and running, same goes to if I train (MMA or Wrestling) after I lift.

Thanks a lot

Do not eat or drink protein before running. Your gut will explode. Not literally but it will feel like it. When cutting I like to run before lifting, keeping the heart rate up the whole time.