I been taking muscle milk for some time now. Im not sure exactly if it's working or not cause my diet isnt exact how it should be. It's not bad but it's not great either. Well, I would say better than the average bear. Because of my schedule, it's hard to get good full meals or even small meals at times. So a lot of the times I will just drink a shake instead and eat when I get the chance.

Im not looking to bulk what-so-ever. Im looking for muscle strangth, conditioning, endurence and to tone up. What is a good protein mixture that I can take that also tastes good. Cause the muscle milk is awesome on taste so it's easy to keep drinking. Or is muscle milk good for what I am looking for?

Lil Katai

i don't know how good it is but one time i picked it up at the gnc & was reading the nutrional facts on it & the sales clerked told me that is the oldest company out there ,the first protien shake & that it's a piece of crap. of course he tried to sell me the gnc brand but i wasn't sure if he was right about it being the first/oldest protien out there

A few quick points:

1. Muscle Milk tastes good
2. GNC clerks aren't experts
3. Protein shakes aren't going to dramatically improve your athletic performance.

I know it's not going to dramatically improve my performance, but it will help out my diet. But I don't want to take something that isnt doing anything for me as far as putting the protein in me that I am looking for.

Im looking for a good protein shake that tastes good that I can start taking. Or is muscle milk a good hake to be taking??

What protein shake is?? Im trying to find out cause Im out of muscle milk and need to buy more protein but want to get something that is going to help my diet and not hurt it.

Muscle milk tastes great. If taste is a big deal to you, I'd stick with it. If your looking to save money, or get a (slightly) more nutritious type, try to find a decent quality cheap powder. I don't really care about taste so much, so I just go with whatever I can find that is cheap.

Usually go with Optimum Nutrition, or Prolab. Prolab's chocolate powder is not recommended by me, tastes bad, doesn't mix well.

Im looking for for something that tastes good but will also help me tone up and not bulk.

What's your problem with muscle milk? Your just looking to find 'the best' protein powder for you?

If you don't mind the cost, it's a good quality powder that tastes great. You could do a lot worse.

Doh! I don't have a problem with muscle milk. I been taking the stuff for 2 years now. I was told that it's not the best for you cuase of the fat and sugar. Im just looking for something that is better but also tastes good as well. Nothing that is going to bulk me up though. Im looking to tone.

so are you looking to bulk up or tone?


I have been using Muscle Milk for a short while now and it is definitely the best tasting one out there. The fat in it is actually one of the things that attracted me to that brand. It contains medium chain triglycerides, which are the same fats found in coconut oil and human breast milk.
The best price I have found on it is 17.75 for 2.48 lbs of Muscle Milk. Check www.froogle.com to find the best rates. Be sure to check what the shipping costs are.

Wow, 18 bucks for muscle milk! That's awesome. I been paying like 4o bucks a container. Thanks!

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It's not gonna shrink the genitals or fuck up the kidneys or anything is it??

No way.