protestantism vs catholicism

is this still a big thing? I know historically it could get pretty dicey but what are things like now? Is their an official position concerning this topic from both churches?

I still can't believe that stuff in England or Ireland where they were car bombing each other.

Those bastards (IRA) blew-up the middle of my city...

Well, it can't be that bad. After the Holocaust, part of my family fled to Ireland and live there till this day (you should here Yiddish with an Irish accent, you'll flip out!). They've never complained about lack of safety or racism.


this might be an urban legend, but supposedly someone in belfast gets a gun pulled on him by a masked gunman.

"catholic or protestant?"

answering truthfully, the man says "I'm a jew"

this causes the gunman confusion for a minute. then light dawns, he points the gun at the man's head and says "aye, but are you a protestant jew or a catholic jew?"

stupid take on a stupid dispute.

Protestantism by armbar

Some sects of protestants here in Brazil are seen as very greedy people.

Catholics are majority in Brazil. About 85% of the population.

Many Brazilians enjoy mixing different religions according to their personal taste, though. :-)