Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump...

Hold this L.



We all watched it happen. You can’t erase it by being a gullible retard.

They cleared the area with tear gas, rubber bullets and physical force, then Trump walked through that area to go to a church and hold up a bible for the cameras even though he’s not a religious person and has no relationship with the church, and had nothing to say to anyone when he was there.

It wasn’t a coincidence.

The report being quoted never explains what happened and who ordered what and when. They’re trying to clear Bill Barr of something I didn’t even know he was accused of. How does that also clear Trump? Did he just happen to walk outside at the perfect time is what you are claiming?

And this footnote admits the findings are inconclusive. The Trump-appointed investigator admits he actually didn’t speak to the SS and doesn’t actually know what happened.


LOL. Man, you are fucking stupid.

Sorry, we don’t speak loser. LOL!

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Not quite the mega thread level of fail. But certainly embarrassing

Thank god PSL’s HCQ thread is still around. Think of the lives he saved by telling everyone HCQ was unsafe and deadly.

peaceful protesters deserve to be gassed and run over! muahahahaha! Trump is really going to give you pussies something to cry about when he goes on tour and rallies the troops!