Proud Haole

No shame in saying your haole. Tons of local haole people that have no shame in it either.

I think when people are dumb in any race it's a bad thing. In hawaii I think Haole's get more negative attention because

  1. Mainland people do not assimilate as easy as other cultures who came to hawaii because of their lack of a culutre. This is apparent when they show a lack of respect thinking that they don't have to do something a certain way (when in rome do as the romans) and/or they think the law will save them. Not in Hawaii.

  2. History of Hawaii

  3. Abbundance of military


No shame at all. I am half haole and half filipino and am proudof it.

Honestly the term "Frikken Haole" is more towards the guys who act up and are being loud & obnoxious, as opposed to the Causasian race itself...IMO.

I'm Hapa, white /Japanese.

Nothing wrong with being white in Hawaii or any other race. Just show respect to get respect.

I think that goes for ANYWHERE on the planet though.

My $0.02

I work, pay taxes, no criminal record, go watch chicken fight, no gamble, chase people out of the water, give 20% tip, have bolohead, and yes, proud to be

FBI squared:

Full Blooded Ilocano From Big Island

haole pride day on the hg?

i'm proud not to be a roni.


so haole, don't even know what haole means.

Best line in a movie EVA

I'm Hapa but still, no shame in who you are

85% Haole 15% american Indian (Apache) here! I to have no criminal record, pay taxes, ect ect ect!

I have an expunged Criminal record & cheat on my Taxes......