Proud of Enson

Hey man, just wanted to say your fans are proud of you man. You worked your ass off and got down to 203 pounds and got in the ring again. It was a premature stoppage on punches that didn't look like phased you. Regardless of the results, it was good to see you back in the ring and I hope to see you back in there man. Your fans and Ichizoku will always be 100% behind you!


Enson, I wanted to say that I am also proud of you. You are a true warrior. The ref stopped it early, but I know you will be back. Sanders and I want to be at your next fight for shure. We will support you til we die. With what I am going through right now I am going to fight with your spirit. Take care and we will see you soon my friend.


SUP ENS. I feel the fight was pre-stopped..I think you coulda taken the punches until the 2nd round where Tom would be forced to stand with you, I guess he had the "oh shet! I don't wanna stand with this guy" feeling..

ANYWAYS Me and numerous people support you and represent you, win or lose your still #1 in my book and nothing will change that despite all the people that talk shet here..

someone once said "PAIN IS TEMPORARY AND PRIDE IS FOREVER"-He was right!!

ttt for Enson and congrats to TEAMPUREBRED win or lose..
yamatodamashiiichizoku brother..


I'm sorry to hear things didn't turn out well this time. Tough break man. All fighters are only human and can be defeated. But even in defeat I've never seen your spirit broken. You're a warrior to the end and I admire you for it. Hope to see you in the ring again very soon. Much respect!

ur still the man Enson

enson your the man!!!


Yea man, we still love watching you throw down.

Thanks guys. I am more disapponited in letting
down the team and the family. Seeing posts like
this helps me up from a hard fall like this. Thanks
guys from the heart. You guys don't know how
much this means to me.

Man you didn't let us down. And you will get up from this just like anything else. That is something I really admire and wish I could do more often.

Enson you did not let us down. We will always be in your corner in spirit win or lose. Take care and see you back in the ring soon.

You are a class act. Irregardless of the accusations regarding the near riot. The way you are handling your loss shows you have mastered your Yamato Damashii. I expect an improved Enson, one who will wreck havoc on the middleweights soon. Get one for the guys over 35!


Fuck' it! Just like you told me and Baret after the Pancrase match that even though Baret lost, he went in ready to bang and not hugging or holding for a lame decision. You showed up to fight,and shit happens, but you fought until the end...that's what matters.

Andy Wang


Win or Lose your the Bomb!! You live by a code and I respect that I hope to see you again in Hawaii.

I hope you didn't get upset on my comments about the activities after but thats mu taughts it wasn't a direct comment towards you but I taught that was wrong of Kid. But I know that you guys are close.

I glad to see Egan making peace!

I'll be back and would love to show you guys that I'm am actually better than ever. I will come back stronger and Tom and I can do it again. Congrtulations to Tomon a great win.

I'll be back and would love to show you guys that I'm am actually better than ever. I will come back stronger and Tom and I can do it again. Congrtulations to Tomon a great win.

good job enson. keep yo head up.

Can't wait to see you back in the ring again!

TTT 4 Enson!

I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Hawaii to fight. You have no idea how awsome it was just to have you fighting in the Superbrawl man! Im sorry things didnt end in your favor but like you said; You'll be back! Also, like you said; even if you lose you still win. Because theres always something to learn from it that will make you better. Right? You're a competitor and a fighter so of course the loss bums you out but please dont hang your head man. As you can see there are alot of people behind you 100% no matter what! And we'll be there cheering you on for the next one man! GANBARE!!

I can't wait to see enson back I thought we would have gotten the submission but you have to luv enson doesn't hold back he goes all out and never taps.He is a warrior.

I would say, "don't worry about the fight", but I know that I
don't need to see that. I'm sure that the fight is more near to
the back of your mind, and you're already concentrating on
training for the next time. Nobody can win all of the time, and
I don't think there is anyone who does win all of the time. The
difference between you and many others is the way in which
you trat the manner of fighting, and the way you handle your

I can perfectly understand how you're dissappointed in letting
friends and family down. You can handle it and improve, but
sometimes it feels like you have to be perfect for other
people. As far as your fans go, at least, don't worry about it.
You can easily see from the replies on here that we weren't
let down. We're just waiting to watch your next match when it
comes along. Good luck with next time, and keep up the