Proud of my team

boy this fucking hurts real bad. you dont get many chances to reach the AFC championship game and they had 2 chances to win it in the final 2:30 of the game. While the Steelers were resting the Jets were playing OT games every week, they showed a ton of heart but just ran out of gas. I thought this would be rebuilding year and they would gain chemistry but not be very good and next year they would be a VERY good team, well they still won a playoff game and just about everyone will return, I think the Jets could make a super bowl run next year. hey its gotta fucking happen eventually, its already been 35 years :( man im so depressed, a looooooooong offseason and you never know what will happen next year especially with injuries. i honestly believe they blew a VERY good opportunity to play in the superbowl especially since New England is so injured. same old fucking Jets, "mabe next year"

you were outta gas cuz we wore your asses out ;p

Herm blew the game. That was fucking ridiculous. "Let's let 35 seconds run off the clock, call a timeout, then lose 2 yards on a bone head knee." Whew. Tremendous coaching there. Jets had it in the bag, but they handed it away.