Proud of your thick neck, ears?

All right, we know some guys love having cauliflower ear because it IDs them as a wrestler, but what about a thick neck? A fighter/ former wrestler made a comment after seeing a very old UFC poster, where they had all the fighters stats and measurements on it. He said "HA!! My neck is thicker than Royce's, and I'm 20 lbs lighter!" He said Royce's neck was 16 inches, while his was 17 inches. Naturally I cut him down to size and said that his neck was thicker from doing all that extra bridging after being turned onto his back so often.

Me, I don't trust people with skinny necks.

yes, why shouldnt I be..I put in countless hours of bridge work.

i like having a thick neck, but my girlfriend hates it! i have out of proportion traps aswell so its a pretty thickened up look. guy friends dig it, girls usually dont.

Funny story from high school:

I'm walking with a buddy of mine down the hall, this cutie of a girl that we're both friendly with walks up and gently grabs my neck and says, "You have such a big, thick dick!"

My friend and I kind of look at each other. Then my buddy looks at her and says, "Wow, how do you know?" then turns to me and says, "Chip, you got some conquests you're not telling me about dude?"

She denied and denied, saying she said "neck" not "dick." But we both heard her veeery clearly. LOL

Bonus: I eventually did wind up in the sack with her a few times for a couple of friendly one-night stands about two years later.

Non-bonus: she did not repeat her "big, thick" comment when we were in the sack. :(


Thick necks are good for boxers too. I read somewhere (a boxing stat sheet) that boxers with thick necks were harder to KO.

LOL @ Chip! That's a great story man!

ok here goes my all time greatest put down story. The first time I'm having sex with my ex on her parents luv seat, she's squirming and readjusting as she tries to "handle me" in all of my glorious endowment. She says to me, "I just need 1 or 2 more inches..." My ego was instantly crushed and I suddenly went completely limp as I slumpt over on her and hid my face in shame.

She realizes what she's just said and how I have taken it so she tries in vein to convince me that she was talking about the luv seat being just a little too small to accomodate us both and she would be more comfortable with a couple of more inches of space.

It was no use, however as I was simply unable to perform following that comment. By the way, I lov emy cauliflower ears jsut as they are and would never think of having them returned to their normal state.

lol, Chip and Sin nice stories.

Cauliflower ear is a sign of character; whenever I see someone with it I can just respect that person a little more.

I love my big neck. I couldn't live without my tee-shirts being to tight around my neck, although getting button down shirts does become a pain.

LMAO! How did penis size discussion end up on this thread?!


nothing is more fun than walking around with a 20" neck

"How did penis size discussion end up on this thread?!"

the gheyness is very strong around these parts. eventually it seeps into every crevice..

I just got my first bout of cauliflower ear earlier this week. I really don't mind it, but I feel the need to make my other ear match the cauliflowered one. I'm sure that will happen with time.

Bull_in_chinashop: gheyness? what would you expect.. we spend our days in spandex outfits, arguing with other sweaty muscular males over who gets to be on top this time.

My cauliflower ear is minimal but I am getting more and more lately.However I do enjoy having a 19" neck.You can just tell the way people fear you as they get on the mat the first time and you look up at them with a monstrous neck.

Sort of like a thai boxer with monstrous calves.We all have different physical properties of our sport to be proud of.

I'll respect any man with cauliflower ear long before I will a man with a PHD.However that is also because I come from a blue collar environment.I feel the same about a man with calloussed hands over a man with a suit and tie

I've been doing the neck machine at the gym lately to try to get my neck as thick as it was back when I was wrestling. However, I'm more about having a ripped neck then a tree trunk.

I will never forget the stupid story of one guy who wanted cauliflower ear so he would look like a wrestler. He actually voluntarily allowed himself to be held down by one guy, while another guy repeatedly punched him in the ear. It still didn't work LOL!

S. Mocco on "The Season": "I don't want to get cauliflower ear. That's retarded. But I hate wearing my headgear. If it happens, it happens (paraphrasing)"