To eric,lucas,and bjion i am proud of you guys.You have
heart and soul Keep training hard guys.It my pleasure
being your trainer.I wanna thank robert dunn for helping my guys with there muay thai training.


I wonder where they got all that heart & soul??? Good job CrutchMaster!

all of your guys had great heart and great potential.i cant wait to see them fight again!

Great guy that CrutchMaster....

sharing his knowledge;

His specialty is caring....

& not learned in college!

He might appear different,

to some who don't "see";

the real things in life...

is the passion he gives free!


Thanks momita now it will be my turn in april to compete.It's people like you and my team that drive
me to be the best.Also Thank you joe from outkast fight
gear for your support of me and team crutchmaster!!!


nice post!!!

TTT for Duane!---Robert

just let your soul glow... just let it shine through. just let your soul glow, baby... feel that oh so silky smooth... just let it shine yeah, baby... just let your sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooul glow!..

soul glo.

TTT Your guys did great and as long as they keep up the training they can make things happen. Looking forward to meeting yall again. J.C. Pennington

Congrats j.c. you the man keep kicking azz bro!!!


LMFAO @ Kosta!!! What up Big D long time no hear! keep up the good work

Thanks, Crutchmaster.

Thanks, Crutchmaster.

Thanks, Crutchmaster.

good stuff

Sorry, didnt mean to thank you that many times.

Hey brian everything is cool bro thanks i will be in the gym next week.I am getting ready to compete in april so i am ready to get down:)!!!


That's ok that happens on here bro.