Provide breakdown of lawler fight ?

Hating life I was away from tv on Sat working on a flip property .

I heard Macdonald almost had lawler finished back n forth etc .

Can someone give me an idea how the fight went momentum etc ?? Phone Post 3.0

My words couldn't do it justice. Find a way to watch the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Round 1 was up for debate, lots of feeling out etc

Round 2 was all lawler getting the best of the exchanges on the feet, with McD landing some decent body shots

Round 3 was all McD, he was putting on some good offense and finally rocked Lawler with a high kick and followed by a flurry but couldnt' finish. Lawler was wobbly as fuck during half the round basically.

Round 4, McD was still pushing the offensive but you could tell Lawler was recovering and starting to get back on top. He was back to putting in offense, still the round was won by McD IMO, but you could tell Lawler was getting back into it. Both are a bloody mess at this point, McDonald's nose was broken ealier in Round 2 and that shit looks like a mess by the end of round 4. At the horn Lawlers blows a huge spray of blood out of his nose and they both stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. Neither of them backs down until They get dragged back to their corner.

Round 5. Lots of back and forth but Lawler is nailing it. Lands a huge punch on McD's nose and this is the last drop for him, he just drops on the ground and covers visibly in agonizing pain. Fight gets stopped while lawlers follows up with a couple of punches.


It was fucking amazing.

And lawler is a fucking animal. One of those dudes that get better as he get punched more. You can't train shit like this, he was born for this. If you hurt him and don't put him away you're basically fucked.

Damn . Love both those fighters Thx for info Phone Post 3.0

Robbie's jab was getting through 3 out of 4 times and kept snapping Rory's head back. rory had a high kick that he found in the 3rd and it kept getting through.

Find the fight somewhere and watch the whole thing. It's so god damn good.

Lawlers sprawl is so good. He stuffed a takedown late in the fight (4th maybe?) and it was such fantastic sprawl. Phone Post 3.0

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