Proving Ground, Unbelievable Card!

From a skilled standpoint(minus Simms) these guys are going to provide fans with the oppurtunity to watch some of the most technically capable fighters on the planet, all on one card. When I first heard about it I thought people were talking out their rear ends, but all the rumors are turning out to be true. Phil Cardella, Nick Diaz, Chris Brennan, Charuto , Jacare, Frank Trigg, Jake Shields, Marcus Avellan and Mario Sperry all on one card! Who ever put this card together obviously know what the true hardcore fans want to see,...skilled fighters. Props to all involved, I can't wait to see this show. I'm definitely ordering this over the UFC.

ttt for a bad ass card but its gracie fighting championships. Your stupid wes sims is going to crush sperry just like he did kimo. dont mess with wes or you will get monkey stomped like frank mir.

MY bad, you speak the correct, it is the GFC, I attended the proving grounds in Cols. and it was a great show, but the PPV is called the Gracie Fighting Championships. No disrespect for Wes, he's a tough as nails competitor who always comes to fight, just saying he's not the technician. The rest of the card is as stellar as can be.

Wes is a big bad man that out weighs him by 50 lbs. Sperry has wes by like 50 years. Wes has been training by going down to the senior center and stomping the elderly.