Prussian Blue, now recruiting

Prussian Blue is a guild for alt's on Frostwolf with Germanic names, pref orcs, or GORCS, as we prefer to be known. We will commit atrocities and welcome drama queen trolling.

Should be a laugh lvl'ing from 1 together with a few idiots rather than relying on help from elitist assfingerers looking down on you.

Join us,


For what?

Racism? I don't get it

nah, it was ferox's idea. I just thought it was a funny name, whats up?

?? I thought they were like the folk-music version of the Olsens?

LOL @ "?? I thought they were like the folk-music version of the Olsens?"

They're the White Power/Nazi version of the Olsen twins

meh, it's just a name

so your done with your ALM toon? moving on to smaller and worse things?

Nope, still twunt of the ALM, this is just a side project. A chance to experience different things.

please provide a detailed list of your names, lvls and approximate lvling area for this weekend. peace.

^that would be appreciated

sure thing gord!....


If you can find and gank both of my toons by Sunday I'll be impressed, and 2 of you on 1 of me isn't a gank each. Killing blow counts IMO

we cant kill you till you leave your Safe zone...why dont you do some wondering this weekend?

I always do. You got me in Arathi once, remember?

oh yes i and shoppingkart :-)

yes, without any provocation

hanging with shoppingcart is grounds for execution alone.

He just turned up

Then play!