Pruvit Ketone Supplements

My flakey sister in law is got another MLM in her stable of bullshit and is trying to sell me on this stuff. Has anybody heard/read/tried this? I read a few studies that show significant fat loss over a 24 week test, but they don't show the control/placebo group. And it doesn't show if it was supplimented or just a ketone high diet.





It's BS. My neighbor was selling it and gave me some samples. It tastes lousy and upset my stomach. Her big sales pitch was that it puts your body in ketosis in an hour verifyied by a urine strip. Well if you are consuming ketones I'd assume you'll piss them out too. 


Any positives were due to people dieting and exercising. 

Joe Rogan loves them.  But he is a drug addict with no formal training and his research based on google so take that endorsement as you see fit.