PS- MGinaction on phones now.

Unfortunately, I will need to upgrade my phone, but there is good news for many mginaction fans:

"You asked for it is! We are thrilled to announce that MGInAction is now optimized for mobile viewing on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and all web-enabled devices. The convenience of this groundbreaking tool, at your fingertips wherever you need it most. Point your mobile browser to and try it today!

MGInAction Mobile is Easy to Use!

Here's how:
Click on the "Training Database" tab to browse the most recent 25 Sparring sessions, 25 Advanced and 25 Fundamental Instructionals in the database while on the move.

You can also customize MGInAction Mobile and create your own collection of videos to carry with you. From your desktop or home computer, load videos that interest you into "My Collection". When you login to MGIA on your phone, click the "My Collection" tab to view your videos anytime, anywhere. Review videos right before training, show your friends on the mats what you are working on or watch Marcelo's sparring sessions on your lunch break--get creative and revolutionize your game with MGInAction Mobile."

Ttt i love it Phone Post

Awesome upgrade fren Phone Post

It is awesome. "axebjj" for a promo code. Phone Post

Ya Mon - What exact term do you use in the search? Can't find it at app store under any name combination. Phone Post

I dont think it is an app. Just go to with your phone and you can select the mobile site.l

I actually have a G1 phone, so it doesnt support it, so I havent been able to view it on my phone. (But I watch from my computer all the time)

The Fist of Jiu Jitsu - so what platforms does this work on? iPhone? android? all of them?

It says Iphone and Android- I guess my G1 Android is too old though, as I can't get it to work.

I can't wait until I get my dual core 4G phone in a few months...

I am probably going to die in a firey car crash within a week because of this. Thanks MGinAction! :)

Time to toss the BB for an android...

My IPhone is having a much, much easier time with mginacation now. Thanks!

Works great on my iPhone

 ONce I get my home mats Im gonna have to look into this.