PS2 headset, worth it?

I just got the network card and rented SOCOM II, but I didn't have the headset. I saw that Champions of Norath is going to use it as well.

Is it worth getting? The few times online with Counterstrike it seems to take away from the game hearing 14 year olds making fun of each other.

I don't use it online, only for Karaoke Revolution and SOCOM.
For SOCOM, it's far from essential, but I do like the gimmick of talking to my guys. Even if I have to repeast every third order. I think the better part is having the earpiece. I love having the room filled with the sounds of the jungle but my team only talks directly into my ear.
Karaoke is an awesome game, if you don't mind making an ass of yourself. You need the headset to play.

So is it actually in real time, the actual words you are saying? Or is it triggering a computer response by saying a specific word into the microphone?

Jman, with SOCOM, it's the same commands as you select in the menu, only you say the command after pressing a button. It doesn't change the gameplay at all, it just has my fiance making fun of me, "Willybone...deploy...garbage bag" or " to...produce store".

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So you don't hear the actual voices of the other players, only the computer voice?

jman, I only play single player, but for online, players can broadcast to other teammates. They limit it to 15 seconds or something so someone like me doesn't curse and ramble through the whole game.

yeah. its worth it.

if online with socom 2

its great, it would suck with out it

While the tech is good, it's not perfect. I speak clear english and still wind up repeating commands too often. In games like sosom or swat that can cost you so you wind up using the simple button commands.