Ps2 Hockey game

for a casual hockey fan.. which is most fun ?

NHL 2002 for @ $10 bucks used is pretty fun.

NHL2k3 was better than NHL2003.  But, NHL 2004 is the best hockey game this year IMO.,,  Graphically and gameplay wise.  2k4 might have better franchise mode or whatever...

In my opinion NHL 2004 is a horrible hockey game and should have never been created.

fighting in ESPN really sucks. I actually wouldn't mind if the fighting sucked, if at least the guys with the higher toughness ratings were the better fighters, but they're not. You can adjust the ratings so that the right guys are the ones fighting, but nothing you adjust will affect the outcome of the fights.

Well thats gay, I hope they fix that next year. I've heard next year is the year that ESPN will be revamping their fighting engine. I hope its not to much like NHL 2004's though because although its fun, goddamn it cheats like a bitch sometimes.

Only online on PS2.