PS2 online help??

i was wondering what all is required to get online with my PS2. a lot of my games have online capabilities and i want to try it out. is it a pay service or free? anyone know if it works with all ISP's, etc? any help would be appreciated. i haven't played online since the dreamcast days so i'm kind of out of the loop.

you need the network adaptor. Make sure you get the official one from Sony, I hear some games like SOCOM 2 don't work with the cheaper third party alternatives. Pay or free; depends on the game. Again, SOCOM 2 is free, Everquest is not. Some games are broadband only, some support both broad and modem. Some ISPs have trouble, like AOL broadband did in the beginning. You might want to check the message boards for the games you are interested in for more info.

thanks for the info. i'm mainly just looking to play online with the espn sports games, tony hawk, etc.