PS3 as a home entertainment hub

I dont think that you can do much better for a standalone player for a TV/home theater than the PS3. HD video playback depends very heavily on processor speed at the moment so most PCs cant play HD content very well. The PS3 runs Linux (VLC!) and plays any HD content you throw at it in perfect quality...

The PS3 may be expensive for a gameconsole but its great value as a media player. DL an HD film like Sin City and watch it on your PS3...

I think you can put together a home theater PC for way less than $600 that can run anything.

Anyway, I stream downloaded HD movies from my PC to my 360.

Not sure if you can put together a PC with a next-gen dvd player and the gaming capabilities of the PS3 (edit: for close to the same price, same goes for 360/hd-dvd). Linux adds even more capabilities.

i'm enjoying mine very much.

Try YellowDogLinux instead...

PS3 is a major tank! shit is failing miserably

bye bye Sony

so basically what you're saying is what i've been saying for like 6 months now?

the ONLY reason for a PS3 is for the DVD player capability, not for its usefulness doing whats its SUPPOSED to do?

Getting a nextgen console together with the blueray player is just an added bonus to me...

The PS3 is nothing but a Blu-Ray player that can play games. It's super-expensive 'cell' CPU is also perfect for blu-ray, but not as good for video games.

360 did it the best way...give the consumer the CHOICE...if they want to have a HD-DVD player along with a game system, they buy that seperate.

PS3 will go the way of the 3do