What do you hope to get out of GTA next gen? It's going to be insane. Just think if it's online. Imagine all the wannabes on there.

I want:

  1. Improved grachics and physics.

  2. No technical issues whatsoever.

I haven't played the newer GTA games so I'm just working off experience with the first version. I'd like tighter shooting mechanics along the lines of a first/3rd person shooter

The new ones are different than GTA 1. No more overead view.

Saint's Row has nice graphics, Havok physics, and supposedly vastly superior aiming to GTA. Plus you can customize your guy's appearance to an even greater degree than Tiger Woods or Fight Night.

Hopefully it won't end up being a buggy piece of crap.

By the way, Saint's Row also has online multiplayer gang warfare, custom soundtracks (of course) and no loading screens whatsoever (even when going inside), and I'm pretty sure you build your own gang.

I'm sure GTA will also have all that.

Make the game adult gamers want and finaly show some damn nudity.

is naked cartoon people that important?

how about simple traffic jams....peak/rush hour traffic etc

Steve W's got some excellent ideas.

"The new ones are different than GTA 1. No more overead view."

LOL, I meant Liberty City

jhr they had the gas thing for cars in the pc version of mafia...

Something like this.

After a while it did become a nuisance. I don't wan't to play sims.

If you could totally costomise your own character.

Different health for different parts of the body - ie a heat shot will kill you, a shot to the led will slow you down make you limp.

Most buildings enterable.

Ability to start your own business, take over other peoples, run protection rackets etc.

Claim certain areas as your teritiory and enforce it.

Play like a gangbanger or more organised mafia type criminal.

A wider variey of gangs and organisations, and abaility to choose your affiliations etc.

ALL of this done in an online environment, so that other guy in the street may well be another player packing his own heat. You could get jacked and robbed while on the way to make a big money transaction etc.

good stuff opash

There really is SOOO much farther they can go with it. It's endless with the depth they can go. As long as they make it quality depth. Rather than thinned out cheesy crap that is worth nothing.

Look for this game in Q4 '07!!!