PS3 Help

Next to no experience with gaming consoles...

Bought PS3.

Is the wireless shockwave controller supposed to vibrate... mine doesn't.

I bought a used COD3 disc... in the intro you twist controller to open crate... works. Later on you are grappling for weapon... you are supposed to rotate controller... nothing happens.

I went into control settings and verified settings... still no go. Reset controller... no go.

Any suggestions... or a direct number to contact Sony?

I dont know about the shockwave, but I remember playing cod 3 and I had some trouble with that part where you grapple with the german.

I know it sounds stupid, but make sure you moving the controller EXACTLY how they instruct you to. I kept getting tossed off of that water tower or whatever it is because I was moving the controller wrong.

Also, I think the controller only vibrates with games that support the shockwave. Im not sure if cod 3 is.

When the PS3 first came out, the controllers didn't have any rumble/vibration. So the PS3 games at that time didn't have rumble. COD 3 is one of those games.

Also, if your controller says "DualShock3" then it has rumble. It will also say "SixAxis". But if it just says "Sixaxis" and not "DualShock3" then your controller doesn't have rumble.