PS3 price revealed!

20 Gigabyte PS3 - $499 US/Europe November 17th

60 Gigabyte PS3 - $599 US/Europe November 17th.

Controller steals Wii's thunder!

"The PS3 is a Wii controller. 6 degrees of movement just like Wii! Except it's wireless, no sensors! Didn't take long for Nintendo to be copied.

Apparantly it's only a few weeks old. Demo of Warhawk using it. It looks ridiculous, the guy is flailing around like an idiot controlling the plane. Shooting. No thank you. He seriously looks incredibly unfomfortable. I think I saw him crack his fibula."


I hope Xbox premium drops its price by $100 when PS3 rolls out. Parents for Xmas:

$299 Xbox premium

$499 PS3 "low-end" box, $599 "high-end" box


jockey is probably right

I really hope it comes in at $199 or less. That would be awesome.

The ideal second console, IMO.

nice prices for the PS3 if it also includes the blueray for watching movies. then you have for 599 usa dollars a complete system with 1080P movie output. sweet ;)

It ain't going to fly, especially when in less than a year you'll be able to pick up a blu-ray player for close to a hundred bux.

You'll then be left with a 5-6 hundred dollar console with a 1st generation Blu Ray disk player.

Sony just shot themselves in the foot.

The only problem is the $500 version doesn't include HDMI, which is apparently needed for HD output from the Blu-Ray player. It also doesn't include wi-fi or memory card support.

The 'basic' version of PS3 is kinda expensive for its name.


I like consoles and all, but damn, that's expensive. And if they sell games for $65 or higher as has been hinted (though in truth I don't know how much weight to give those rumors), rentals are gonna go through the roof and purchases wll go down...

Makes me wonder how aggressively MS is going to price the HD-DVD add-on -- and of course, will that have the HDCP or whatever is needed for full res output?

No doubt the 360 set up is better (if you consider HD-DVD and Blu-ray equal). As you will have a choice on the movie side of things.

That's insane. I don't care what the Ico team, Virtua Fighter team, Namco, or anyone else pulls out of their asses... There's no way I'm paying that for a console.

I hereby dub Sony's new machine "3DO 2006".

HD-DVD is about as equal to Blueray as Betamax was to VHS...

Betamax was superior to VHS.

360 does support Digital output, they just haven't released DVI cable etc.

No question this gen will sell less than the last. It's getting to the prices where a lot of parents will say "no fucking way are you getting that for your birthday, forget it, play with your PS2".

You'd certainly think so, but the fact that every $1600 360 on ebay went like hotcakes last year makes you think there are enough spoiled kids and adults with loads of disposable income to keep it going.

agreed. There are plenty out there. But there are only so many, and when you talk about moving literally "millions" of units, at some point you will get past the hardcore gamers and rich kids and the pond will dry up really quick.

I could be wrong, but I see it going down like that this time around. It might be a mental thing...but when I think about the parents I know looking at a game system that costs $600 (then $60 for the games), I don't see many takers.