Ps3 reccomendations?

Just got a new ps3. Haven't had one in about a year and a half.

Any ps3 exclusives I missed out on?

I know I need to get uncharted 3....but what else? Phone Post

did you play God of War 3? if not... play it. & yeah, U3 is amazing. Heavy Rain was pretty awesome too. oh, and if you're into FPSs... BF3. fuck CoD. Phone Post

Medal of Honor was pretty good for campaign mode, if you're looking to play online though BF3 owns MOH. I like COD as well but the respawing fucking blows when you spawn in front of an enemy and get taken out instantly. Phone Post

Yeah I still have an Xbox do I've played all the fps games. Also played heavy rain and gow 3. Both awesome games.

Sounds like they haven't had many exclusives come out in the last year. Phone Post

Infamous. Phone Post

Uncharted Series, God of War (wait for big compilation to drop before buying), Infamous series, Gran Turismo Phone Post

MLB the show, infamous, uncharted, heavy rain Phone Post

Valkyria chronicles is amazing Phone Post

mjbreese - Valkyria chronicles is amazing Phone Post

I'll check it out thanks.

I've already played most the other games people have recommended.

Just finished uncharted 3. Game was amazing. Phone Post

MGS4 Phone Post

Dragon Age: Origins