PS3 yellow light fix?

I haven't been hip to play station for the longest time, but my PS3 got the yellow light and I just kinda put it away. Came up earlier, so I'm just curious if there's a simple solution for a fix yet. Phone Post

I paid 40 bucks and had mine fixed privately, and also have a friend who did the same. This was about a year ago. My fix lasted for about a week, and his is still working fine to this day.

Couldn't hurt to get it fixed for as cheap as it is. People who do it are fairly easy to find online. I just used your equivalent of Craigslist to find it. But the systems themselves are getting fairly cheap at this point, so it might be worthwhile to just buy a new one.

If you got the yellow light, I assume it's an older system. You can get a 320 GB system here now for 249.99 with a game and a one month playstation plus subscription. Pretty good price for the value you get.

Simple solution.

Upgrade that dated system to a new slim 250gb Xbox 360 and be happy for the rest of your life with trouble free, super fats gaming. Phone Post