PS3s at Best Buy today

I was doing some last minute shopping today, when Best Buy announced they'd received a shipment of PS3s, and if customers wanted to buy one, they'd have to line up in the game section.

A small line formed, and about ten people came away with 60gb PS3s. There wasn't a mad dash or anything - I saw a few people in line with Xbox 360s and copies of Gears of War despite the availability of the PS3.

Had they announced a shipment of Wiis, however, I would have been on that like white on rice. No such luck, though.

I went to Walmart on tuesday and to my surprise they had 4 PS3s. I thought about buying one but decided not to due to the amount of money it costs, Came back from Zellers (canadian retail store) and also saw a 60 ps3 sitting in the cabinet with nobody looking to buy it. It sort of reminds me of the PSP, I remember everyone waiting in line over night the first day it came out and a couple weeks later there were plenty of them to buy, Many people wanted them Im sure but they just werent willing to pay that much money for it. Ill eventually be getting a PS3 but not until the 60 Gig version drops down to $400 which means Ill probably be waiting a hell of a long time.

They had 80 on Woot last night. They sold out rather quickly....

"lol, the 60gig version isnt going to cost $400 until the ps4 is right around the corner"

Unfortunately your probably right

The copywriting for the PS3 sale on Woot was awesome. It basically said, "There's an awesome new system out now that everybody wants - It's called the Wii, and we want to buy one for everyone on our staff. We can buy two Wiis with the money you give us for one PS3, so have at it!"