Also does not need to be connected online. Not even check in every 24 hours! WOW! Phone Post 3.0

Microsoft needs to change their shit FAST!

PS is the way to go this gen looks like. Phone Post 3.0

Gerbacio -

LOL Phone Post 3.0

Elder Scrolls Online is the 1st handful of dirt Phone Post 3.0

PS4 cost = $399. Phone Post 3.0

And at 100 dollars cheaper. Sony really taking advantage of Microsoft's policies. Phone Post 3.0

If Sony tried the same crap MS is pulling, I would have started building my first gaming PC by the end of this week. Looks like instead I'll be getting a PS4 ASAP.

Microsoft is going to have to find some other customers to fuck over because they will not get a penny from me until they fix that shit.

I haven't bought a console in 8 years. I might actually get a PS4.