PS5 Preorder issues?

Has anyone successfully preordered a PS5 or the new xbox?

Ive been looking for a few months now and they are sold out or unavailable everywhere!

If someone here somehow helps me pull a PS% preorder out of my ass i would def be indebted to the OG!

They went up first last week and sold out instantly. Doubt there will be any more preorders. Going to have to hope to catch one in stock on release day.

I got a confirmation for an Xbox. But the order still says it’s depends on the inventory availability. So I guess I could get nothing. They haven’t charged me yet either. 

I missed out pre ordering a ps5 due to pre orders opening up the night before the preorders were even supposed to start. 


I did manage to get an Xbox series X on Walmart. Knowing how difficult it is to get a pre order, I recruited some friends and family all working from home lol. Between me, my wife, mother in law, aunt, and two friends. We only got 1 pre order, ridiculous but I’m happy I get the Series X at launch

Nope. They seem to be gone everywhere.

You spend a few months wasting your time since preorders started only last week. 

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