PSA: Josey Wales on Netflix

One of my all time fave movies. I’ve never seen it on netflix before so I think it’s new on there. If you didnt know, now ya do.

It’s the only eastwood western that I dont have on DVD so it’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it.


Thanks, OP!

You’re welcome Kip.

Sincerely yours, KJ (He/Him)

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Buzzards got to eat…same as worms.


great movie

Damn Fletcher. Traitorous bastard!

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“He’s from Missouri, where they’re all known to be killers of innocent men, women and children.”

That used to be my signature on other forums.

Probably watched it 50 times with my old man growing up. Will watch tonight, thanks KJ.

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Damn! You know it’s a great movie when my main man goochy is taking a evening off from banging 10s just so he can watch!

“And I have another saying, Senator, dont piss down my back and tell me its raining”


Watched yesterday, still stand up. Gotta throw Hang em high and high plains drifter on soon.

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I like the ferry driver who is badmouthing rebs and as soon as Josey rides up he completely changes his tune and starts acting southern :joy:


Everyone needs a rest day

My asshole is worn out

Smiffs alt acct. CONFIRMED!

The Missouri Boat ride

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Are you gonna draw them pistols or whistle dixie?!


My wife bought me a set a few years ago with all of the Eastwood movies that were available at the time. Baller.

Look out little lady. Hell is coming to breakfast


Dying is easy for men like you and me…its living that is hard

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Watched it last night. Dare I say, Eastwood is an even better director than actor.