PSA: Josey Wales on Netflix

Truth. I love him whenever I see him, but acting-wise, he’s essentially the same character in most of his movies. But the motherfucker can really direct some damn good movies.

watched it the other day


He hates that dog :joy:


Great movie!

Thanks OP. A very fine share.

Yo! I love westerns and I know a lot of OGers do too. I especially love Clint Eastwood! Happy to help.

Watched it recently.
Good, Bad and the Ugly as well as Unforgiven have both been remastered into 4K.
Josey Wales hasn’t been remastered to that level yet but I decided I had to rewatch the 3rd in Eastwoods 3 best Westerns anyway.

I have all his westerns on dvd except josey wales. I hadn’t seen it in a while so I was excited to see it on there!

I have josey wales, unforgiven and pale rider as my personal 3 faves.

Man’s gotta make a living some way these days. Dyin’ ain’t no way to make a living, boy

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Great scene

They call us civilized because we’re easy to sneak up on.

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Buzzards gotta eat too

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I love that old chief

They made my horse surrender…