PSN Names?

I don't know how many people here play games online but with today's release of the PS4 and it's more social aspects I figured that I'd ask if anyone is interested in sharing their PSN names. Anyone interested?

My name is DaveStroble


Will have need for speed battlefield and one other by the end of the day Phone Post 3.0

Docholiday32 but I won't get a ps4 until tax returns. Lol so if you feel like it add me until then or hit me up on ps3! Phone Post 3.0

omgitsjoshjames Phone Post 3.0

Normally play killzone and call of duty online l. Phone Post 3.0


will get ps4 next month though Phone Post 3.0

Currently have BF4 and NBA 2K14 Phone Post 3.0


ps3 though, and I haven't logged on in a while. Add me anyway, I bought some new games so I'll be on my couch for hours again during the holidays. Phone Post 3.0