PSP WebBrowseing

how can i use my psp to surf the web? where can i get the programs to do this?

i would rather not have to download any of the new firmware because i am running v1.5 so that i can play emulators and the like on it

WipeOut IMO

there is a japanese one ripped from a game called "tenchi no mon" or something... seearch for it. its faster than the wipeout one and it is much smaller. the interface is in japanese, but once you know what's up its e-z. also, you can make your own portal. its much better than wipeout overall.

any idea how to do this? i've been trying and still am unable to get it to work

do what exactly? if you google "tenchi psp browser" or some combo of those words you can probably find all you want to know.

well, tried the fire up version but i cant seem to install it right. i get it to show up on the emulator .8c thing but then it freezes when i pick it.

I can't get my PSP to connect with my WiFi at all. When I put the settings on "automatic" I get errors, and when I configure it with all of my router info, I still get errors. Any words of advice?

I'm not interested in playing emulated games or homebrew.