Psychedelic, Stoner, Doom Metal

I’m not writing them off yet. Every band can be flat on an off night. It was cool to see a bonafide legend in a 150 capacity venue.

Deftones is still this day the worst touring band I’ve ever seen. Guitarist broke at least a string a song, if not multiple. Easy to tell when he did because he’d hit a endless delay and then toss the guitar 10 feet to his tech; who had one flying back at him. Honestly the coolest part of their show. Mix was godawful and the vocals was a tuneless mess. Ymmv.

Two youtube channels I dig for finding bands in this vein is mr666doom and something like green bong druid of witch mountain.

Sad fact is 99% of stoner/doom bands sound like either Bongripper, Sleep, or Kyuss.

Still some gems if you sift through the derivative ones.

Or Electric Wizard.

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I’ll post more later.

i dont know how to subscribe to threads without posting

This EP is perfect.

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Kadavar is good


I’m going to check them out more. Thanks.

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there was a pretty epic thread covering these genres a couple years ago

might be worth searching to see if it made it past the snap

OP if you like the stuff you posted, I think you would like all of early RUSH.



Edit: trying to post links about to give up

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Wow. I almost quit after the first 10 seconds bc it sounded like a genre I hate. Good stuff and I will listen more. Thanks.

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Holy shit, Mastodon sounds nothing like they used to.

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here’s a link to that thread. i’d imagine there’s a lot of overlap, but i definitely found/was reminded of some awesome bands and tracks on this older thread

puts on gas mask bong, goes out to meth shed

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been digging Monolord lately and King Weed for hour long instrumentals