Psychological correlations between complacency and government

You know that saying? If you have too many options, you’re likely to stop caring about them.

Guess what? This psychological phenomenon of comfortable complacency applies much more so to society as a whole than to individual problems you experience.

When a country starts out, the initial government is founded for the people by the people. This means that people create an organized structure which helps govern THEMSELVES.

Over time, this structure grows. What also happens is that over time, people naturally feel less connected to it because they become further and further from it’s original inception.

But that’s not all. As the government continues to grow in size and power, individual power is linearly marginalized. This is both due to the fact that the individual becomes complacent towards his own responsibility of social structure and also by the complacency of it being too big (too many options).

You are right. And I’m afraid there is no turning back. God help us all.