Psychopath with boxing gloves

Blue please

Have any of you seen this before?
This guy is fuckin insane. Phone Post 3.0

hmmm..lets send in mark hunt

yes, this guy has been doing this since 2007 , he fought wilder and floyd sr. too :D 

F that hetard Phone Post 3.0

Lol there's a lot of vids of him getting his ass beat and running away too. They are making me so happy Phone Post 3.0

Someone needs to stomp this dude the fuck out. What he is doing to random untrained people is fucked up.

Who cares if he has mental problems. What if he ends up knocking one of these poor people out and they bash their head on the way down or something.

Something so blood boiling about this kinda shit. there has to be a way to prosecute this shit right?

Or is he ok because he got them to "touch gloves" before even though they have no idea whats going on?

nnnnnn not sure why I'm posting this but wtf

And for the ass beating:

Good ol Charlie Z. Pretty sure he used to post here way back when. Phone Post 3.0

^^^^ Man I wish those dudes let wilder just go off on him.

The guy cheap shotted Floyd Sr.! Phone Post 3.0

What a cunt. Phone Post 3.0

gokudamus - hmmm..lets send in mark hunt
He got hit by Wilder I'm pretty sure he has tasted world class power already Phone Post 3.0

Send me in coach.. I WOULD WORK THIS POS! Phone Post 3.0

Dude is a headcase.

Here's a vid of this idiot boxing, and then sucker punching Floyd Mayweather Sr.


(And of course the media dialogue function on this fucking bush-league site isn't working so I can't embed)

Blue please:

he got fucked up at least once.

need an mma fighter to fake boxing  spar with him, take him down and elbow him to bolivia

bipolar, reminds me of the Jesus Twins who kept harassing Stern until he had to let them on the show Phone Post 3.0

Damn. Respect to Floyd Sr. He's 63 and made the dude retreat behind the ropes with 1 punch.

lmfao... this guy for real?


where is he now? he needs to join forces with that undefeated prison fighter lol

Another of him getting smashed: Phone Post 3.0

i dont understand this dude..the kid has decent hands but no gas tank and pick fights with Deontay Wilder!?!