Public apology to the mods........

I understand I have ruffled many feathers since I have been here. Kirik now refuses to answer my e-mails that he used to answer promptly. Its like everyone hates TheRealJoker these days. But I want to show everyone im turning the corner. I want to show that im making a concerted effort to gain respect that I deserve from people of the red persuasion. Here is an example of my rehab, I made a thread today titled "Arturo Gatti vs Leonard Dorin!!!" On this thread me and my new friends are in a debate about this fight and I happened to dazzle one member that used to hate me with my knowledge that this was posted:


From: LawdyMama
Date: 07/18/04 09:42 PM
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Joker, these have been your most impressive posts to date. You sound like you know your shit w/boxing. Keep it up kido and you'll earn more respect with knowledgeable posts like this.

You going to make it to Tunica,MS for the FFC tournament next weekend? later, LawdyMama

Now if that isnt an example of me turning the corner I dont know what is. I have apologized mods, do you accept it?

I'd say LawdyMama is a pretty good judge of charactor!! I've always liked you Joker, I think you just like to ruffle feathers for the reactions you get............... LOL


Damn Joker...Batman must've whooped your ass. To bad, I guess I'll go on Mod Quest all alone now...

Hey Mods...why???????? You know what I'm talking about....

Momita, I do. Laughter is a dangerous drug that I seem to have become addicted to. So addicted it has gotten in the way of my abilities to debate MMA and my other favorite sports.


Drugs...woow! Stay off drugs but come on the quest for the truth...

OMA, please dont spam my threads with that senseless tomfoolery. The mods have a thankless job and its people like you that ruin this forum for the rest of us.


I too am addicted to laughter Joker,  & once at a funeral.... I got the giggles..... oh sheesh.... shame on me.

Laughing is good for the soul..............

Apology off, what if it is.