Public brawl. Take a guess who

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Cop should of taken out the trash! Just a bunch of savages!

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Why would you ever be a resource officer in that area?


On this episode of “When animals attack”…


Remove all security and police then drop a bunker buster. It would greatly benefit society.



I was an SRO at a school like that. You have to get control and punk them. Giving some one a good ass whupping in front of a lot of people gets your point across real quick. Typically they put pussy type cops, or old pre-retiree cops in SRO positions. Or cops who will do whatever The school administration wants done. THAT SHIT DOES NOT WORK IN A SCHOOL LIKE THAT. LOL.

Oh they love putting chick cops in SRO positions. Good way to get an entire hallway pepper sprayed and female cop screaming an officer assist on main PD channel. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!! lol. Fukin worthless.

Everything that would happen in a high crime area would happen in that school. Robbery, assault, vice, gambling and prostitution. You fucking name it. I made 50 arrests the first semester I was there. Eventually the fighting stopped.


Dammit, one of these times I am going to guess right!

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Ha Ha Smile GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



I had about 150 Katrina Refugees at that school, and I was the only SRO there, big school. I had more use of force in one semester than I had in the previous 3 years on patrol in a very busy city. LOL

It was fun as fuck although very stressful. no body cams and very few cameras in the building during that time.

That’s a school? Why isn’t anyone carrying books or backpacks?

Oh, wait.

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That’s where easyG sends his kids.

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I can’t believe that cop was in there mixing it up. Should have walked away. Left them sort it all out themselves.


This is just their culture and that officer is interfering! He got involved before they got to their customary knife fights too, which are always the best part.


Exactly, he should have at least waited until one of them died.

LOL. we did not allow backpacks at the school I was at for a while. It was something new we tried to cut down on contraband. They gave every kid a set of books to keep at home, and had classroom books assigned to them.

Then we had mandatory clear plastic backpacks for a while. LOL.

One semester, they permanently locked all hall lockers. Made the kids carry everything with them. Another failed project. haaaa. hood is hood.


I would estimate 20-30 cell phone thefts a day. I was so busy I would never have time to even write theft reports on those, much less investigate. Fukin crazy.

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A number of schools in NY banned kids from using their lockers, also made them walk through metal detectors to get into the school every day, they still found ways to get knives and guns into the school.

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The best was during the 80s and 90s , when my friends ,who are White bred bleeding heart liberals from non cities, clamoring for jobs teaching in the Bronx and shit then leaving with a totally diff outlook on life

After teaching at a school lile this lol

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Did the young men try challenging you on occasion or often? Like was it a nightmare dangerous situation like that old 80’s movie Jim Bulushi played three role of principle in?

Challenging him to Chess matches and debates

Afterall, these students are all future doctors and lawyers, and were born from the lineage of Kings and Queens!