Public park in Olympia...

Watch till the end. Great crowd control by the cop. Totally kept the right people in his eyeline :)

A video from the Olympia Police Department shows a fight that took place at the Artesian Commons in downtown Olympia last week, involving five people, a dog, a bottle and a rock.

Olympia police responded to the Artesian Commons Park at about 9:20 a.m. Nov. 4 to break up a fight involving five people -- four men and a woman. When the officer arrived, he saw suspects kicking a man on the ground. But when the officer tried to detain the suspects, the man stood up and kicked the female suspect in the head.

Lt. Paul Lower said that police initially brought the case to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office with potential felony charges. However, the suspects will now likely face misdemeanor charges in Olympia Municipal Court based on the evidence, and the injuries sustained by the people involved.

None of the injures requires hospitalization, he said.

The five people involved were arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail. They have since been released.

The Olympian does not release the names of suspects who have not yet appeared in court


I don't know why anyone is charged besides the one dude.

Public Park, or Homeless Dregs of Society Park?

dont know the backstory, and im sure it involves dirtbagginess all around


but im glad that dude got that head punt in on that woman

Looks like utopia!

That guy's nutshell technique is super effective

His final head punt probably saved those kids from going into the station

This video has been brought to you by Mountain Dew!

LOL at that convenient kick to the red shirt at the end.

The chick had some solid ground and pound 

That guy didn't get near the beating he should have after his repeated nonsense. 

red shirt chick was a beast