Public Service Announcement

Attention all Gi heads.

Learn to wash your gi, and here's how you do it:

1) Start up washer on warm water, mid to max fill.

2) Add maximum recommended soap (according to the instructions)

3) Add 1-2 cups of WHITE VINEGAR to the wash.

4) Let it begin to agitate, until it's nice and soapy.

5) Stop the Machine.

6) Add Gi

7) Let it agitate for a few minutes

8) Stop machine and let it sit, full of soapy acidic water.

9) After at least a half hour has passed, restart machine and continue as normal.

This will guarranteed get the funk out of your gi. It was recommended by someone on the Judo boards, and it works... Even in the worse conditions it works

For example:

My friend had a pair of knee sleeves that smelled fine dry, but as soon as they got wet/sweaty they'd smell like a slaughterhouse that was flooded with cat piss. It was so horrible, you could smell them from 30 feet away.

Using this method once on the sleeves made it so they didn't even stink a bit.

By washing it in vinegar, you're making the cloth uninhabitable to all that bacteria which feeds on a basic (as opposed to acidic) enviroment... That's why you get that ammonia smell when it's really wet.

Wash it in Vinegar and you won't have this problem.

That is all.

Cool...Thanks for that, Kai. I keep buying new gis because my old ones get rank and no washing seems to clean them. Im going to try your steps. Thanks again!

Anything to keep people from stankin'.

On another note, I thought I was on your shitlist and perma ignore list?

No way, man...I really just try to respond to your posts. If I think they are unfairly attacking BJJ, I get riled up and dive in. On the other hand, when you post something I find to be true, even if it is against BJJ, I try to support it. It definitely isnt personal, although there have been times Ive wanted to reach through the computer and sweep you from the xguard. ;)

LOL! at "they'd smell like a slaughterhouse that was flooded with cat piss" I gotta remember that one.

Thanks for the post, I'm actually going to save it and post it at the academy for whoever might need it.

does this method also kill bacteria that cause staph and other fungus
type ailments. I just recently got Impetigo. I seem to get this all the
time, and I am not sure if it is my GI or from someone I roll with, this is
like my 2nd time getting it since the beginning of summer. Although
this recent one, I am pretty sure I got it from someone with a nasty
smelling GI. I knew that fool was suspect. :(

I don't have a stinky Gi problem. I immediately throw it in the washer, the moment I get home from class... so the sweat never dries in. Just use regular soap.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Coming home from a tourney with a garbage bag full of stanky gi last weekend has left it smelling extra nasty. I will definately try your advise tonight!


How to remove blood from a clothing:

You will need:

1) Toothbrush
2) Hydrogen Peroxide
3) Shampoo
4) Cold as hell water.

First, treat the soiled spot in liberal amounts of the H2O2 solution. Should have the spot pretty soaked.

Then work the fabric with your fingers and hands to make sure that the h2o2 penetrates deep into the fibers of the cloth. Since Gis are basically canvas, it'll take some work.

Then place a dot of shampoo the size of the stain on the soiled part and work it in with the toothbrush.

Then, run that portion under cold water as you work the fabric with the toothbrush and your fingers and hands.

Rinse clean and repeat if necessary. There will be some residue left behind, but if you get a majority of it out then wash it normally, it should come out.

However, do NOT LEAVE the peroxide in without washing soon after, for the peroxide may weaken the fabric in that spot if left in for days.

Sweet. I've got a rashguard that I love, but smells terrible. This will help. Thanks!

-- JM

great tip!


Another tip for removing blood.

You will need: Cold water, and table salt.

1/Wet area well. 2/Pour on salt. 3/Rub material together. 4/Blood disapears. 5/Put in wash as normal.

Tip: Do this as soon as you get home to prevent the blood drying out as best you can.

TTT because EVERYONE should see this thread. Thanks, Kai.

You guys remove blood?

Chalupa: I've never have a problem with 'weakening the gi', and I've used lots of bleach before, but I'll leave that up to people who've have first hand experiences with torn gis.

Back to the top FFS!

Chalupa, I use Oxy or Biz when I wash my white gis and they seem to stay pretty white. Try letting it soak in cold water + detergent + Oxy for about an hour.

Chalupa: i also use bleach on my white gi whenever it gets pretty dirty. i even let is soak overnight in bleach with soap once in a while. it hasn't weakened the gi at all. it's so white that guys actually ask if i ever roll in it. LOL

the trick is to wash your gi all the time before it's starts getting brownish. once it's brown i don't think any kind of washing/bleaching will ever get it white again.

So how have these tips been working out for everyone?