Read this in a magazine and tried it..incredible!

Instant sugar free/fat free chocolate pudding mix which sets in 5mins. All you do is whisk the package with 2 cups cold ff milk

What you do is prior to mixing pudding and milk..blend 2 scoops whey protein into milk

Great late night snack and will satisfy your sweet tooth

Though I would share

That sounds like a great idea.

great stuff - I like it a lot!

I've also read you can put plain gelatin into your protein for the same effect, but I tried it once, and thought it tasted like crap. LOL.


mouth watering...

Make it a parfait with frat free whip cream:

"Parfait is about the best damn thing in the whole world."
- Donkey from Shrek (sorry, my son has watched this 100 times)

What ingredient makes it sweet if it is sugar free? I have heard that many of the artificial sweeteners are not good for you.

turducken - Just mix chocolate protein powder in with cottage cheese.

Might be good mixed in with ricotta cheese as a dessert.