Puder/Miz Results??????

Is it over yet?

both looked horrible...

Puder "won"

How did it end?

fans made the dec...

just go vote for puder!


Who just warned me ??

Fess up...

play by plat cut and pasted from www.lordsofpain.net
and guy who posted it( Report by: Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com )

Dixie Dog Fight
Referee: George Chip
Mike Mizanin vs. Daniel Puder

Al Snow joined Cole and Tazz and Cole asked who was going to win, and Snow said the strong music is on Puder. The music of Theodore Long hit in the arena and he made his way out as the General Manager of Smackdown. Long got on the mic and told the crowd to holla. He said that as General Manager, it is his responsibility to bring you the best in must see events, and he is proud to say that this is one of those events. Long said these two gentlemen will let the audience know who is tough enough here tonight. They are down to two finalists, and these two men will let you know who is tough enough in a Dixie Dogfight. There will be three one minute rounds of boxing and it will be supervised by the head of the boxing commission in Georgia. Long then introduce the participants, Mike Mizanin and Daniel Puder.

Round One:

The bell rang and Mizanin was taking it to Puder early on. Puder with some big rights and Miz fights back and Puder slips. Puder gets Miz in the corner and Miz is swinging
like a madman and that is end of round one.

Round Two:

Round two is underway and they are a bit more cautious thing time. Puder hits some rights and then punched Mizanin in the back of the head, which would have been a disqualification under normal rules. Puder scored with another big right hand before the bell, and the round was met with boos.

Round Three:

Final round and Miz comes out swinging. Puder is more controlled and focused and Mizanin is throwing punches wildly. Puder scored with a big right and Miz checks the
clock. Puder scored with another big right but the time is out and we are met with more boos from the crowd.

Long got back on the mic and said the match has gone the distance, and now right now, the decision is going to be left up to the fans. Mizanin got a decent reaction but
Puder got a big reaction too and it sounds like a tie. Long then said we have a winner and it’s Daniel Puder. Miz and Puder shook hands and Al got in the ring. Snow asked if Miz would have fought a different fight. Miz said Puder’s right was brutal. Mizanin told the fans to vote for him on Thursday. Snow showed some footage on the Titan Tron and Puder said this is boxing, three rounds, gloves? No. He is an ultimate fighter and he wants to break bones, snap, crackle and pop.

Winner - Daniel Puder