Puder vs Miz about too start.

RD1 about to begin

Can you say toughamn fight.Nothing but wildhaymakers from both.

Stupid 1 min rds.Miz is starting too gas out as expected.Fucking pitiful Miz thru nothing but haymakers smothering Puder.

Puder wins by decison.

Yeah, ultimate fighter.

you cant do shit but brawl in one minute rounds. U cant jab and box. The miz has a definte moral victory. both gassed but thats also probaly due to them hyping themselves the fuck up before they enteterd the ring.

lol, i haven't seen this match yet, but LOL nonetheless

they should have allowed gnp, if they did the miz would definetly be asleep. The thing is that Puder is not fighting for organizations like Ufc or Pride right now, he has been training in WWE. He doesnt have to have standup like tito oritz or chuck liddell.

lol... I hope this puts to rest all the MMA/WWE connections.